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    • Frozen Meat Bone Saw, 1.1kW Motor

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      Frozen Meat Bone Saw, 1.1kW Motor

      The bone saw is used for the cutting of frozen meat, chicken or turkeys and meat with bones inside. It is made for professional use. The hull of the product is electrostatically painted and all parts which make contact with the meat are SAE 304 Stainless Steel. Whenever the cap of the saw is opened the motor is stopped by a switch. 

      Technical Information:
      Motor; 1.1 kW
      Electric; 220V / 380V (optional)
      Weight; 66kg
      Hull; Electrostatic Paint
      Cutting Surface; Chrome 50*57cm
      Height; 96cm
      Cutting Height; 23cm
      Cutting Width; 17cm
      Blade; compatible for 1840mm & 1846mm

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