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      Fruit Press, Orange  Pomegranate Press

      We produce fruit presses used to press oranges and pomegranates in our workshop located in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us to order the product that we give details about below.

      Industrial Orange Press is able to function all day thanks to its strong hull.

      It is used to press oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons and such fruits.
      Thanks to the high quality cremier gears, it provides an ease of squeezing oranges.
      And when pressing a pomegranate, the segments near the filter of the product prevent the crushing of the fruit.
      That way it becomes easier and more complete to press a fruit.

      To get price offers including shipping, send us your address information and the quantity you wish on Whatsapp.
      For English support, you can message the following number on Whatsapp: +905522394220
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